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Financial challenges facing charities

How effective partnerships can open new avenues to raising funds for charities Raising much-needed funds is a perennial issue for the third sector. And never more so than today. Departure from the European Union, an uncertain economy, the threat of more legislative pressure and over-stretched and under-budgeted local authorities are all contributing to a dramatically […]


From competitor to collaborator

Why financial services firms need to change their modus operandi If you had a time machine and were able to go back 20 years, or even 10 years, you’d soon see that the thought processes behind business strategy for most companies were very different to how they are today (or at least, how they should […]

Corporate partnerships made in heaven: a free guide

Affinia Partnerships has been working exclusively in the financial services partnerships sector since 2006. Prior to that our team has many years experience in the acquisition and management of financial services partnerships. It’s based on this financial services industry insight that we were asked by Owen James to be their partnerships expert at their popular […]


9 Key Steps To Successful Partnerships

Whatever the nature of your organisation the chances are you have a relationship with your members/ readers/customers that is unique to you. They interact with you in a slightly different way to other organisations and they have slightly different expectations of you as a company. This is true even of organisations that fundamentally offer the […]