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We live in a world where the degree and pace of change is increasing at a spectacular rate. Large companies can fall from the summit in a matter of a few years and small companies can rise to the top in a matter of months.


The very structure of a large business can make it almost impossible for innovation to flourish and strategy to keep pace with change. Staff are often incentivised to keep their heads down and look for incremental steps of improvement when often it is giant leaps that are required.


Affinia is a results rewarded consultancy that builds significant commercial value for the clients we choose to work with. Unencumbered by the day-to-day issues that face key personnel, we help companies build new distribution, products and strategies that accelerate growth. We are delivery and action focused because we share in the success we help create.

We are corporate partnership specialists harnessing the potential that strategic partnerships offer to enable companies to make a leap in their commercial success.


We are a small, highly experienced team who carefully choose the projects we undertake. Our results based focus and action orientated culture lead us to select exciting projects that have the potential to change markets and are at the cutting edge of product, partnership and distribution innovation.

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